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The Land of the Free

prison flagI remembering the 4th of July’s of my childhood and yearning for the myth I grew up on, much like I once yearned for Santa Claus.

The fairy tales I was told, about how my country was the leader of the free world, but my country spends more money on incarceration than education, and has incarcerated more of it’s citizens than China. It has a for profit prison system, where companies that profit from the incarceration of human beings donate to the campaigns of lawmakers who create laws. After someone has served their sentence, supposedly paid their debt to society, they have few options for employment or housing… and with little opportunity to make a legal living wage, the recidivism rate should surprise no one.

We’d rather buy a pound of “cure” than pay for an ounce of prevention.

Happy Anniversary, America. I hope someday I’ll be able to wish you a Happy Independence Day.

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