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I get a lot of traffic from search engines for braids with beads, braids and beads, little girl twist braids with beads, how to put beads in hair, how to put beads on braids, little girl braids with beads. The funny thing, with as often as much time that hair consumes in our household and as often as I mention the girls’ hair in my blogs, there are no how to’s and few hair pictures. I always think to myself that people must be awfully disappointed after they find themselves Bat my second most frequently hit post, Braids & Beads « curlykidz. So I put together this slide show of the girls’ hair (on good days, bad days, and school spirit “crazy hair” days) through the years. Below the slide show are my favorite hair care resources!

 [rockyou id=154022243&w=579&h=433] 

First, a ping for a good friend and fellow mom of beautifully blended babies, Becky Boop.  

 Biracial Hair Care Resources « Golden Acorn Homeschool  

My most recent discovery, and absolute favorite resource is tightly curly. This isn’t a product line, it’s a total hair care method designed for tightly curly hair by the beautiful biracial young woman pictured below. Check out the website and learn how to “doodle” hair, and check out her blog below.


  I grew up between races, between states, between classes, and between cultures. I’m black and white, and grew up mulatto in Kentucky (it was stamped on my school transcripts) and as a black kid in an all white family in California. I struggled with my hair my entire life. It seemed to symbolize every way I was “other”, and I punished it as surely as I felt it punished me. And then the most amazing thing happened. I decided to accept my hair as it is, and just learn to take care of it, not try to force it to look like everyone else’s hair. It took a while to figure it out, but now that I have, now that I accepted my hair and let it be itself, it has thrived. And again, my hair seems to symbolize my inner journey. I have found that when I made peace with my hair, I was actually making peace with myself. Now we are both happy.

I love Katelynylyn’s Channel – Styling My Girls. I’ve already come out of the closet & admitted that I don’t cornrow… and I’ve sorta learned, but I’m really bad at it, and my girls are used to having their hair braided by someone who’s really good at it. But if I could learn to cornrow even half assed from her, anybody can do it. She also has some good tutorials for box, piggy back, and veil braids, how to add beads to braids, as well tutorials for rolling, flat, and loose twists. 


This blog is geared more towards Black/African hair than Biracial/Black hair, but there’s a lot of great information, regardless of what kind of hair your kidlet is sporting up top!

Braids, Beads, Truth

Braids, Beads, Truth

Braids, Beads, Truth is simply a site celebrating African hair. It is the author’s hope that all who visit here will leave with a greater appreciation of the many varied textures and styles that crown the heads of an ancient and beautiful people whom have for far too long been debased, and degraded.Contrary to the picture painted in many American history books, the first weary, traumatized victims who stepped off the floating nightmare of the slave ship and onto the hostile, unforgiving soil of the new world were not barbarians but beautiful, proud people with their own well developed civilizations. Beautiful strands of those cultures have miraculously been passed down through the generations and often woven into the very hair of their heads. This site exists to honor this beautiful characteristic so unique to the children of the African diaspora – a beautiful tapestry of braids, beads and truth.



I haven’t tried any of the styles in PRETTYDIMPLES videos, but I think some of them might work well with Daija’s hair texture. 



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