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Cyndi has a PSA for little & not so little boys…

October 5, 2010 1 comment

swords-samurai-swords-alloy-blade-a-classic Kid’s Crest Sparkle Fun toothpaste will NOT disguise the holes you put in the living room wall while playing with the samurai swords that belonged to your great grandfather.

Blue gel doesn’t turn white. It just stays blue, and stains the wall. It will also cause your mother to spew obscenities, after which you will get a lecture from your father that lasts a solid 45 minutes (and counting).


What? Already? Nuh uh!

August 9, 2010 2 comments

I don’t know that we are ready to go back to school, but as I type here comes the sun to announce that the day is here whether I like it or not.

No more “sleepovers” in the living room or mommies bedroom… the girls barely spent a night in their bedroom all summer.  But last night it was back to business as usual, because school starts today.

It’s Halle’s first day of middle school… and she’ll be reunited with all her besties that have already started middle school… God help the teachers and administration, as they will surely need it with those four jockeying for the “Real Housewives” Tween Drama Queen title.

Daija starts third grade at elementary school by herself this year, but luckily her bestie from volleyball practice has enrolled there and will be riding the same bus. The after school program the kids have always gone to was cut so things will be a little different this year…

Tyler has been back in school for a week… an event that almost created an anxiety attack for me, but that he seems to be taking in stride. He’s been reunited with friends from way back in his days at MLK’s gifted magnate; one of the members from that terror squad is also in the Aerospace magnate. He seems to love his classes, we’re just going through the usual “trying to get back on track” adjustments the new school year always brings. This week I’ll be sending my usual “Hi, I’m Tyler’s mom” email to see how things are going and whether each teacher has his 504, and then providing them with a copy when (as usual) they do not.


wild child goes to see big bird…

January 31, 2010 4 comments

 …but not on Sesame Street!

In my little circle of parents from SoMo, Tyler is one of the oldest children. People have been stressing me out by asking me what I’m doing about high school for at least a year now.

High school? My little shortie? All, um… 65 (maybe) pounds of him?

*shutthefuckup* Read more…

Our Journey: ADHD & Gifted « curlykidz

November 12, 2009 Leave a comment

There’s still more here and there, but I think I have the bulk of the “milestones” transferred.

Archive for the ‘ADHD & Gifted’ Category

via ADHD & Gifted « curlykidz.

#ADHD (& Gifted) « @curlykidz

November 5, 2009 Leave a comment

OK, I’m busily transferring more of those blog archives from other locations, and have been focusing on some from about two and a half years ago, when my oldest hit a dark, scary, and unfortunately, very common place for kids who are exceptional learners: anxiety, depression, and thougths of suicide.

Here’s the link to the ADHD/Gifted archives:

ADHD & Gifted « curlykidz.

ADHD, middle school, and assistive technology

March 31, 2007 Leave a comment

Well, I haven’t blogged about it much, but I have become a prisoner of Tyler’s homework.  He is having a really tough year.  In preparation for middle school, the 5th grade students have reading, writing, and math with their homeroom teacher, and have block scheduling for social studies and science, each with different fourth grade teachers.  On top of that transition, Tyler goes to the gifted teacher for reading and math.  So his day looks like this:

PE, Art, or Music
Social Studies/Science

So Tyler deals with three to four teachers on a daily basis, and has classroom changes almost every period.  That’s a lot of transition, and he has a really hard time getting back into a calm and focused state.  He gets very little done in school, and he spends most of every evening a) doing work he didn’t do in class or b) on punishment for not bringing home work he knows he didn’t do.

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Dear Mr. Exterminator… (by Halle)

March 26, 2007 Leave a comment

Dear Mr. Exterminator,

Please do not destroy me and my home.  If you don’t, I’ll continue to help you out with your bedbug problem.

I know I’m nasty, but that’s just the way I am… forever.



Apparently, cockroaches eat bedbugs.  Who knew?  And Tyler shares with me that they can live without their heads for three weeks, go without food for a month, and hold their breath for 45 minutes.

Gotta love public education.

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