mixed myths

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Myths About Mixed Race People, from the Mixed Media Watch Vault

20/20 Gimme a Break (Tragic Mulatto Myth)
ATR 5 (Carmen’s Rant on the Tragic Mulatto Myth)
Exotic: Nicole Scherzinger (On the overuse of the word exotic)
When mixed race identity is used to further racism (How our discussions about race are inadequate)
What’s black and white and sad all over? (Tragic Mulatto Myth)
Are we all going to be latte? (Representations)
Zadie Smith is ‘not that multicultural’ (Zadie Smith confronts stereotypes)
Cashing in on a mixed kid’s fair skin (Colorism)
“Mixed” = advantageous (On assumptions that mixed people are trying to deny their “dark side”)
Mixed people will fix racism, right?
“Real people” = mixed people? (on ideas of representation)
Half Asian is the new white? (Hybrid Vigor)
Hyphen takes a look at “the Multiracial Dream”
Hybrid vigor in Sports Illustrated
Scientifically beautiful!? (Using “science” to promote positive stereotypes)

And Carmen’s talk, Cute But Confused: Myths and Realities About Mixed Race Identity:

Allure’s “Faces of the Future” Promotes Stereotypes About Mixed People | Racialicious – the intersection of race and pop culture.

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