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contemplating perspective and reality….

I’ve got (at least online) one of the most diverse group of girlfriends one could ask for… I’m blessed with a circle that includes women who run from conservative to liberal, activist to apathetic, and agnostic to zen. There are strong ties that bind me with many of those who make my blog an interactive community, rather than an individual chronicle.  One of the strongest ties is not our poltical affilliation, religious creed, ethnicity, or familial status… but our passion.

I reposted a blog Sunday that struck a different chord in at least some of you, than it did in me. 

And that’s OK, cuz y’all are entitled to your own feelings. I realize that you each live in your unique communities with your unique families and have your own unique experiences. 

But (you knew there was a but coming, didn’t you?) it didn’t take long to see that I might come home from work Monday to find a real strong debate going.  Some of you know from the days of pg.org, that I’m not one to back down from a debate.  But, those were the boards and this… this is ‘my space’. I don’t want to be in the position of trying to mediate a heated discussion between this many strong willed women, many of whom have become closer to me than sisters and provided more in the way of family than mine ever has.  Inevitably, when it comes to group discussions on hot topics like race, religion, politics, etc… I wind up with at least one person I love concerned she has offended someone else I love and thereby offended me.  I contemplated deleting the post, but decided against that because this blog is, first and foremost, my journal. This where I archive not just stories about my kids, but also my observations about the world… sometimes the world at large… but more often, the community I live in… which, much to my dismay, is not a community I am fortunate to share with most of you. Granted, a great deal of the dialogue is directed towards the reader… but it’s not *for* the reader so much as it is for me.  If something I write provokes a laugh out of you or makes you look at something differently than you did before… then it was for *you too*. 

I got the impression that some may interpret that post as being meant to be for my friends.  I’d like to make something very clear for anyone who doesn’t know me well enough or hasn’t known me long enough to know.  I frequently re-post articles and commentary that probably doesn’t have any meaning or significance to anyone other than me half the time.  I generally leave those posts public, because… well, because they’re not private.  But what I post here, I post here primarily for ME, because it has some relevance to ME. 

That’s why I chose to disable comments on that post.  Not because anyone who disagrees has offended me or that your opposing arguement might not have a good solid point … and certainly not because I don’t care what you think.  Simply put, whether you agree or disagree, or have no opinion whatsoever… that blog was not intended to spark any kind of debate.  It indirectly related to some thoughts, feelings, and observations that I have about very real events taking place in the community where I am raising my children, and right now I’d rather focus on sorting out my thoughts than the potential fall out of a full scale debate.



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