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Homework with Daija – Sniff Sniff

April 6, 2009 Leave a comment
April 6, 2009 – Monday 8:46 PM

So Daija has these little reading comprehension worksheets.  It’s usually a 4/5 sentence paragraph, followed by several questions.


Sniff, Sniff

Bears like to eat.

They can smell very well.

Do not keep food in your tent.

A bear might visit you.

1. What do bears like to do?


2.  What do bears do very well?


3.  What should not  be in your tent?



“I got lips”

November 4, 2005 Leave a comment

originally posted November 4, 2005 – Friday 7:28 PM at “I got lips” – CURLYGURL’s MySpace Blog

So I sit down at the computer to get online, and Daija appears at my elbow and announces, “I got lips.”

My first thought… did Daija not know she had lips? My second thought as I turn in her direction… I need to start getting more sleep… she probably found some Potato Head Lips.

But no. What she found was this little vial of flavored lip gloss that was in the party bags passed out at the Halloween party at her daycare. She has found this little vial which I put out of reach (meaning either Tyler or Halle helped themselves to it and then left it somewhere in reach) and I am assuming without the assistance of a mirror, done a rather remarkable job of applying it to her lips. Unfortunately she also applied it to her fingernails; so I am sure my sofa inadvertently got an application as well. So here lies my baby (she’s 2 months shy of three so I can still call her my baby) on the couch watching an Elmo video, with Pretty in Pink shiny lips, one leg crossed over the other, as Elmo counts backwards.

I wonder how many dolls have Pretty in Pink lips now…


Interior Decorating?

October 25, 2005 2 comments

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Interior Decorating? – CURLYGURL’s MySpace Blog
So I go into Halle’s room tonight to say goodnight, and notice that there are several stuffed animals kinda strewn on the floor. Reggie is rather fond of stuffed toys, so this is a no-no. Since bedtime was running late, I wasn’t going to make an issue of it. Halle didn’t realize this. So as my gaze sweeps across the floor, she quickly offers, “I decorated my floor with animals.’ As I stood there, dazed and confused, she gestures to the other side of her bed… ‘See, I did that side too.’

God help me.

Reverse Psychology from a 2yo?

September 12, 2005 Leave a comment

I think Daija tried to psychologize me Saturday night. She was fighting going to bed, and after about the third time I planted her but on the mattress, she was in there screaming ‘Mommy don’t turn on the light’. I listened, very carefully, and she was saying… don’t turn ON the light… not don’t turn OFF the light (which was already off).

I think she thought if she told me not to turn it on, I would just to spite her.



September 8, 2005 Leave a comment

Daddy’s Girl went through a phase (she seems to be leaving it since having left the YMCA) where she constantly told me no. I can’t stand that, but since the other two never told me no, I really had no idea what to do about it. Telling her not to tell me no, just resulted in her screaming NO.

One night, I think it was the third week in July cuz Wild Child wasn’t home yet, just after we got home, she told me no and I just wasn’t in the mood to hear it. I got nose to nose with her and gave her the finger lecture about telling me no. Went on to make dinner and whatnot. Later that evening when I went back to load the dishwasher, I noticed Daddy’s Girl cup was still on the table. She clears her own dishes, so I asked her to bring it to me so I could put it in the dishwasher.

That child crossed her arms, lowered her head and literally glowered at me and stated, with emphasis,


My head spun and Princess stared at me open-mouthed… ‘Where did she get THAT word?” The entire rest of the night, every single time I asked Daddy’s Girl to do something, she responded the same way.

What could I do but try desperately not to laugh? I told her not to tell me no, and she didn’t.
Now it’s less confrontational… she crosses her arms and usually shakes her head and says ‘never, never’ in a petulant, I’m about to burst into tears voice.

“Not Coming”

September 8, 2005 Leave a comment

Before the story, I gotta explain the ‘What’ rule. I cannot stand it when I call a child and he or she yells back ‘what’ in response. My (older) children know that if I wanted to come look for you, I would have. If I call you, it’s because I want to see you standing in front of me. So when I call your name, you call back that you are coming to confirm that you heard me as you begin to walk in my direction. If you do not acknowledge my summons, I can only assume that you have not heard me; therefore I will continue to call you until I see you in front of me. The longer and louder I have to call you, the more irritated I will be by the time I see you, and the less likely that things will go well for you at that time. If you cannot immediately come to see me, you must respond with a reason and an ETA (I’m in the potty, I’ll be there in a minute).

This was a few months ago, during the NBA playoffs. Ro and I were watching one of the sun’s games, and the kids were playing in their rooms. Daddy’s Girl had wandered into our bedroom, and Big Daddy called her.

Daddy’s Girl, come here.

Daddy’s Girl calls back. Big Daddy doesn’t quite catch it, and asks me what she said. I muttered ‘I dunno’ and looked at the game.

Daddy’s Girl, come here.

Daddy’s Girl calls back. Big Daddy asks me again what she said. I muttered ‘I dunno’ and kept my attention on the game.

Daddy’s Girl, come here!

Daddy’s Girl walks to our bedroom door and yells back, quite clearly…

“NOT coming!”

Too Big

September 7, 2005 Leave a comment

I have a big picnic table in my kitchen right now… I have a booster chair attached for Daija cuz she’s still likely to slip off the bench and knock her jaw out of whack. Anyway, last night Daija announced “I sit by you, Mommy… I too big my chair”

It’d be nice if she decided she was too big for diapers and pull ups.

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