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I think I forgot to mention I had some ~GREAT~ news on Monday! Tyler’s dad called and said he absolutely can’t wait until summer and that he’ll be calling me with an itinerary for a visit in about a month. I think he’s been getting a little pressure from his parents (specifically mom) not to take time off work yet. I am very happy, and have already approached Roro with him having his first weekend visit with Halle when Joel comes… I’ll send my sister to her mother (for the weekend, and maybe longer) and I’ll be heading somewhere… don’t know where but maybe to visit Kath! Hopefully Joel will be willing to housesit (ok, the house doesn’t really need watching but RaMie would probably appreciate being walked).

More on Roro… I talked with him in more detail about the fact he had the wrong back surgery… well, after I told him I didn’t htink that surgery would help him, he got a 2nd opinion, and the 2nd surgeon said it was not the best surgery… so what did genius do? He let the first surgeon do it anyway! So I doubt we have grounds for a mal-practice lawsuit (LOL), but maybe we can award the first “Idiot of the Millenium” trophy… he went back to work on Wednesday and is working light duty, day shift, M-F… and he gave me some $$ last night, always happy when that happens :o)… it’s not the full amount he usually gives me but after two months of getting nothing, every little bit is a lot!

Tyler has a new friend… named Jackson {where does he come up with these names? he named his doll Gus}… Jackson makes a mess in Tyler’s room… but he does help clean up. Jackson is a dog… but a friendly dog. Jackson is “bigger than me”… and my sitter and I were talking to Tyler about jackson and she asked him where jackson was and he said… “in here {rubbing his tummy}… I’m going to the office for the doctor to take him out…”

Calgon? Please? Valium, anyone have some spare valium?

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